What is Beebliome?

Beebliome offers interactive book applications for young adults.

These interactive books always offer a well-told story, often about a fictional young adult involved with historically interesting people in accurately portrayed times, giving readers a fun way to learn about history and cultures through the ages!

Why would young adults want to read Beebliome book apps?

What makes Beebliome interactive books special is the interactivity which allows the reader to learn and explore with digital annotations, maps and illustrations. 

Why would parents want their kids to read Beebliome book apps?

Beebliome is dedicated to getting young adults interested in history, social studies, and cultural life through reading. For kids who are hesitant to read, Beebliome makes it easier to understand words and ideas, and for kids who are strong readers, Beebliome introduces them to more opportunities to grow their curiosity.

We also invite parents to send us book titles that they would like to see become Beebliome book applications for their young adult readers.

For suggestions or more info please contact us on info@crushedlimemedia.com  

Why would authors want to publish their books as Beebliome book apps?

Beebliome offers authors of YA books an opportunity to bring their books to life in a brand new format. By using research notes for annotation, YA authors can further enhance their book with both original and stock illustrations. The Beebliome team will work with each author to ensure that the applications meet Beebliome's guidelines for book application development.

For more info please contact us on info@crushedlimemedia.com 

Why would teachers want to use Beebliome book apps?

Until they read about other worlds, a child's world is the only one they inhabit. Historical fiction introduces children to worlds beyond their own experience. They not only learn facts and circumstances but also how other people feel and act, how the characters think and solve their problems as they function in another time and culture. Children are by nature curious; nothing piques curiosity like novelty. Reading about others in unique and strange cultures gives children the opportunity to satisfy their curiosity.

The Beebliome team is happy to recommend specific book applications to meet class requirements, particularly for History, Social Studies and World Affairs.

For more info please contact us on info@crushedlimemedia.com 



Who is Crushed Lime Media LLC?

Crushed Lime Media is a company dedicated to developing interactive books and book applications. Beebliome is Crushed Lime Media's interactive book platform built specifically for young adult readers.