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Bonanza Girl by Patricia Beatty 

Bonanza Girl

Mrs. Scott decides to take her children Ann Katie and Jemmy to the Idaho territory in the 1880s. She is certain she will make a fortune in a hurry. There’s just one problem—Mrs. Scott is a schoolteacher, and teachers aren’t in demand in the gold and silver camps. But what the miners do want is good food. Before they know it, the Scotts are running their own restaurant. All they have to do now is find some food to cook, learn to deal with customers who like to fight with each other as much as they like to eat—and survive an avalanche.



Fast-paced story, exciting, engrossing, and told with a light touch… Silver fever, gunplay, an avalanche, and the machinations of an even mule driver get top billing in the story.
— New York Times