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Harold Was My King by Hilda Lewis

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When Edward the Confessor dies, he leaves three claimants to the throne, Edgar the Atheling, Harold, Earl of Wessex, and William, Duke of Normandy, who would become known as William the Conqueror.

The year is 1065.  Young Edmund Edmundson is page to Harold, one of the most powerful Earls of England.

Edmund lives through eventful times – from the Battle of Hastings, the ascent of William the Conqueror to the unifying of England.

Through it all, Edmund gives us an unusual close-up view of exciting times in history, allowing us to get to know the people and choices they make in a very personal way.

This is an exciting, moving read.  History buff or no, you will not be able to resist the adventures of Edmund.

Recommended for readers 12 and above.

Devoted to the memory of the dead King Harold, a young steward in eleventh-century England refuses to accept the rule of William the Conqueror.
— Goodreads
One of the few books for teens by noted British author Hilda Lewis. This book really brings to life the turbulent times around King Harold’s death and the arrival of William the Conqueror. A great read made even more fun with lots of pop up facts and illustrations.
— HistoricalFictionBuff