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Heart’s Conquest by Gladys Malvern

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“He has no right to do this!” Alicia cannot believe it.  The land has been in her family’s possession for more than two hundred years.  So the three-tailed comet that alarmed the people of Britain when good King Edward the Confessor lay dying, only seven months ago, was really an omen of disaster!  Can it be that the old king’s visions of widespread carnage and death will come true too?  William of Normandy has already seized the kingdom of Britain and the Saxons’ newly chosen King Harold lies dead on Senlac height.  Now, even though her home has been confiscated because of her defiance, lovely Alicia of Hastings vows that at least one woman in Britain will not yield to the Conqueror.  

For readers age 12 and above.


Gladys Malvern has done her research into the period of the Norman Conquest of England well. One can sense the all-pervading mood of fear, can accept the portrait of the age, the details of life is feudal England, the wave of devastation that spread over the land with reprisals against those who resisted the Norman...Good story telling and the tenuous thread of romance with the hated Norman will capture the teen age reader.
— Kirkus Reviews
Gladys Malvern was a superb writer of YA historical fiction and this book was one of her best. Loved the interactive enhancements that really made the story come alive. After Heart’s Conquest went on to read My Lady, My Love and The Queen’s Lady, all good reads.
— HistoricalFictionBuff
Such a wonderful story about a girl who is fighting against the new Normal Conquest of England in 1066 as well as fighting against her heart as she tries not to fall in love with a Norman soldier. A beautifully written story the will capture your attention and heart.
— ScoobyFink