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I Want My Sunday Stranger! by Patricia Beatty

sunday stranger

A skilled storyteller presents a compelling tale, set in 1863, of a Mormon boy from California and his beloved horse, Sunday. Out of Andrew’s desire to race the lightening fast horse arises better conflict between him and his stern guardian, who forbids horse racing. Before Andrew can assert his independence, however, a catastrophe occurs and Sunday is stolen by Confederate soldiers.

Sick with grief, Andrew runs away from home, urged on by a fierce determination yo find his horse. The trail takes him through hundreds of miles of desolate country, down into Old Mexico and through Texas. In Arkansas, Andrew joins up with a ferrographer, who plans to record in photographs the human suffering of the Civil War. Eventually they arrive at Gettysburg, where Andrew’s undaunted search takes him onto the battlefields. There the misery that he witnesses brings him to the realisation that not all races in life are won by the fastest horses.

Drawing on authentic material, Patricia Beatty has woven a poignant story of loss and discovery against a historically rich background.