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Mamzelle by Gladys Malvern

Young Jeanne Siousat travelled from her home in Louisiana to Washington, DC.   Her long and arduous journey finally brought her to Washington at a critical time during the War of 1812. 

There, through her uncle, she soon became fast friends with President James Madison and his wife, the beloved Dolly Madison.  

Jeanne went on to meet many critical historical figures and witness the key events surrounding the British capture and burning of Washington and the White House in August, 1814.


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The exigencies of war blend with feminine gentility in the adventures of eighteen year old Jeanne Stousat who comes to live in the White House during Dolly Madison’s tenure. Jeanne, whose father is a friend of Governor Covernor Claibourne’s is sent from her New Orleans home to the safety of Washington in 1814 and she goes with young Clay Kent a nephew of the Governor’s, on his way to Madison with massages. Once in Washington, Clay becomes part of the president’s staff, just as Jeanne becomes part of Dolly Madison’s household. Clay falls in love with Jeanne but the course of their romance does not run smooth until Jeanne has discovered the duplicity of another suitor, a British spy, and until the capital has survived the British attack.
— Kirkus Reviews