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Men of Iron by Howard Pyle

In Men of Iron, young Myles Falworth wins a reputation for courage and independence while still in training at the castle of the great Earl of Mackworth. But one day he discovers that his blind father had been condemned for treason and is still being hunted by a powerful enemy who is close to the King. To challenge the King's champion means certain death. Should he risk all to win back his family's honor? Howard Pyle’s classic now brought it life with pop-up facts, illustrations and links for further exploration.

For readers age 12 and above and for knights of all ages!



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This book is not only a wonderful story but also transports you back in time. I love to read tales about knights and tournaments and Pyle does a superb job of making you feel like you’re there. The interactive book is done masterfully with an informative glossary, great pictures and fascinating section at the end where I could learn more about this time of life.
— B*Huss
There are lots of versions of Men of Iron available, but not like this one. Our boys loved the illustrations, pop-up facts and links. Books like this show why interactive ebooks are so much fun.
— HistoricalFictionBuff