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The model Viking ship lay in the window of a little old shop in an unfamiliar back street, and Peter, on his way to the dentist, lost his heart to it at once. It cost him all the money in hist pocket, including the fare home. That was how he came to take the way along the beach which led him into grave danger, but also opened his eyes to the magic properties of the little ship in his hand—the ship that flew.

“Exciting, well-written and with convincing characterization, this is one of the modern stories of lasting value.” Kathleen Lines in Four to Fourteen

“…Peter Grant bought a very old model boat for a few shillings in Radcliff Village, an English seaside town. It proves to be a magic miniature vessel which will expand to carry all four Grant children into the distant past anywhere in the world, to Egypt when the pyramids were new, to ancient Asgard, and to London at the time of William the Conqueror, where they meet Matilda, a child in the time of William the Conqueror. On a later visit the Grant children bring Matilda to the present where she is embroidering a tapestry for the local bazaar. …” KIRKUS REVIEW