Rusty: The Pup Who Wanted Wings

by Gladys and Corrine Malvern







A wonderful story of Rusty, the little Brown Cocker Spaniel, whose biggest wish is to be a butterfly!

By prolific sister authors and illustrators Gladys and Corrine Malvern.



For ages 5 and older, and anyone interested in a beautifully illustrated and heart warming story of making a difference.


Rusty amazon_cover.jpg

“Well!” gasped the Sun. “You’re the funniest-looking butterfly I ever saw! First time I knew a butterfly had ears like that!”
But Rusty only laughed and went on.
“Hello,” he called to a little white cloud.
“Hello,” answered the little cloud cheerily. “Goodness, I never thought I’d see the day when butterflies had tails!”
Rusty smiled and waved his paw, and kept right on flying.