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So Great A Love by Gladys Malvern

The English Civil War looms, and Hal, lady-in-waiting to Henrietta Maria, Queen consort of England and wife to King Charles I, is in love. She has fallen for an enemy boy, a Roundhead, a Puritan called Jerry, who fights against the King and against everything she has ever been brought up to believe. Even more, she is promised to the Duke the Thewes and is due to marry, but will she be able to break her troth? Wouldn't it have been for this Roundhead, would she, or the Queen even be alive in the midst of all this danger?  

So Great  A Love, by Gladys Malvern, is another beautifully written classic  love story between two young people who shouldn't be together, yet defy all odds and differences to find each other.

For readers aged 11 and older, or anyone interested in British history. 

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Beautifully written, historically accurate, Gladys Malvern has really surpassed herself on this one!
— Goodreads