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There's Always Forever by Gladys Malvern

It's 1849, and the Gold Rush is reaching fever pitch in California. Sabra Shannon, a young woman with an adventurous heart, has her world completely changed when her father decides that the Shannon family, too, will travel the many hundreds of miles to California in search of gold. Leaving their home of St. Louis, Missouri behind, the Shannon family and their neighbors, the Willises, depart with the Hodges caravan – a group of more than 60 wagons making its slow way to the Pacific. But the Shannons and the Willises carries a secret: Tom Willis, the handsome young man who Sabra and her brother Dan grew up with, is a convicted thief – and only the Shannons and the Willises know it. If word gets out, Tom could be left behind – or worse. As Sabra and Tom begin to look at one another in a whole new light, battle lines are drawn and the Hodges party hunts for a traitor within their own group – a bloodthirsty enemy who will stop at nothing until revenge is had.



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Her latest book measures up to Gladys Malvern’s earlier Tomas and Ann Lawrence of Old New York. Again, this practiced hand produces an exceptionally vivid background portrayal with the story of the Shannon family and their trip from St. Louis to California. Reminiscent of Guthrie’s The Way West in character portrayal and recreation of the crises facing the travelers, mystery and romance between Sabra Shannon and Tom Willis, who was convicted of theft back in St. Louis, carry render interest at a rapid pace. Tom’s difficulties multiply when Sabra is stabbed with his knife. Tom redeems himself when he saves the party from attack by Ute Indians and eventually clears his name to marry Sabra.
— Kirkus Reviews