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Billy Bedamned, Long Gone by Patricia Beatty


The American tall-tale tradition provides the inspiration for this rumbustious story about the many exploits of an old Texas cowboy in the person of one Rudd Quiney. As Merle and Graham Tucker listen to their Great-uncle Rudd’s wildly embroidered yarns they find themselves both exasperated and impressed.

Everything about Rudd was a surprise, including his existence, for Grandmother had quarreled with him forty years before and never spoken to him since. She wouldn’t say why, but the children quickly discovered that Rudd was a terrible liar. And his biggest whoppers were about how he’d lost his ear. Some were funny, like the one about the hostile pig and the helpful cyclone; some seemed almost believable, like the story of his Civil War campaign; or scary, as when he was captured by Comanches; all had undeniable flair. Yet the true explanation, when it came clear, proved as outlandish as all the others.

With strong, lively characterizations and pithy, colorful language, Patricia Beatty serves up a hearty helping of Americana that is deliciously, rib-ticklingly entertaining.