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Here Comes Harry by Hilda Lewis

With bitterness in his heart, Harry Rushden, the thirteen year old lord of Two Mile manor, comes to London to serve his apprenticeship with a master goldsmith, for he had set his hear on following his father’s footsteps in becoming a knight, serving his king.  But he finds a way to be of service to his king, as the story of the two Harrys paints a vivid picture of court and London life in the fifteenth century.  A wonderful story of medieval life for readers age 11 and above.

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Son of Henry V and the proud Queen Catherine of Valois, Henry VI commanded the universal love of his English subjects. But a singularly religious constitution and the oppressive guidance of the Duke of Gloucester made his complicated practical burdens an agony for the child king. In this story, told from the point of view of an impoverished young nobleman, the issues of the times—conflict between France and England, the burning of Joan, and the unorthodox remarriage of Queen Catherine—are made vivid as Hilda Lewis focuses with dramatic intensity on the inner and outer struggles of the saintly Harry. The author whose The Gentle Falconer was a work of outstanding merit once again shows herself prodigiously equipped to bring to history a view which is both emotionally and intellectually vigorous.
— Kirkus Reviews