Interactive Historical Fiction e-books

Hero Tales From The British Isles

Retold by Barbara Leonie Picard

Illustrated by John G. Galsworthy

Arthur and Robin Hood from England, Cuchulain and the Sons of the Red Branch from Ireland, the Scottish Finn Mac Cool, the Welsh Taliesin and Bran, son of Llyr, and other legendary heroes appear in this collection of hero-tales; and there are less well known—but delightful—stories too, like that of Ian Direach, from each part of the British Isles.


Picard, whose reputation is known to all lovers of our heritage and folk legends, provides an introduction for each of the stories which she sensitively and colourfully retells. She explores the history of these legendary figures, showing how they have their roots in Britain’s most ancient past, how they linked up with one another and have changed down the years to become as they are known today. But there is no need for anyone who does not care to do so to read these introductions and notes, as the stories are all complete in themselves. They are exciting, vivid accounts of the legendary figures whose exploits have inspired or entertained people of these islands for century after century.

... here are some unusually rich stories well told (e.g. “Pwyll and hiannon”, “Talusin”, and “Deirdre and the Sons of Usna”) which are seldom included in juvenile anthologies. The author’s notes serve to fill in dates and backgrounds.
— Kirkus Reviews