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My Lady, My Love by Gladys Malvern

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Lovely Isabella of Valois was seven years old when she became Queen of England, but as eldest and favorite child of Charles VI of France, she had been well schooled in the arts and graces of diplomacy. Already exquisite, she promised to become one of the world's great beauties and charmed everyone with her gentle, candid manner.



As she grew older, this entrancing little creature delighted Richard II, still mourning the death of his beloved first wife, and he grew to love her dearly.  Accustomed to court intrigues and jealousies, Isabella paid little attention to the unrest she sensed in her own circle. But all was not serene outside her sheltered circle. And the young queen, left alone to rely on her wits and courage, steps into the annals of history.



For readers age 12 and older.



We read Hilda Lewis’ fantastic story of Isabella and Richard II first and then discovered Malvern’s My Lady, My Love which actually picks up Isabella’s story where The Gentle Falcon leaves off. They are perfect together, both writers really bring the period to life and the interactive elements enhance the stories very well. Terrific books!
— HistoricalFictionBuff