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One is One by Barbara Leonie Picard

For years Stephen was bullied by his siblings and cousins, while his father constantly told him he was only going to be good for the life of a monk. Left with no self-esteem, Stephen begins to believe the things his family says of him. He finds that his only friend is a loyal hound dog. However, when his father decides to send him to the Abbey several years early, Stephen is forced for part with his one true friend.  


With that, Stephen decides that he will be a knight and prove to his family that he is worth more than they believe. Follow Stephen through a series of events as he experiences great happiness and great loss, discovers his talents and finds the path he chooses to follow. Stephen will build his confidence and decide for himself what he's worth.

In One is One …there is a large cast of entirely credible characters and a good contrast is pointed between fourteenth-century courtly and monastic life. The strength of this book derives from its concern with important themes—loneliness, loyalty, courage and love; above all, self-knowledge.
— The Spectator
Miss Picard has been bold in choosing for her hero a weakling and a coward. The final resolution of Stephen’s doubts, though not unexpected, is most beautifully handled.
— The Times Literary Supplement