Sky Cleaner by Junho Kim

Muhan is an ambitious boy who grows up to achieve his dream.  Then he realizes that the world needs more, and he has another more important mission to accomplish - Sky Cleaner. 

For ages 5 and older, and anyone interested in a beautifully illustrated and heart warming story of making a difference.


Sky Cleaner cover.jpg

We’ve read this book a few times now and the kids absolutely love it! I have two sons, 6 and 4 and both not only enjoyed the illustrations, they really liked the story. Being boys, they liked that Muhan became a race car driver and he won, but they liked even more that he quit to help his mother and to help clean the environment. It’s a great message for them. And when asked how they rated the book, both boys gave it a “ten thumbs up”. We read a ton of books every week and books rarely get that rating from them. We highly recommend it. Well illustrated, imaginative and a great message of caring for others and the environment.