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The Iliad of Homer by Barbara Leonie Picard

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"Odysseus and his men put out to sea in twelve ships of fifty oars, their white sails unfurled and their blue-painted prows thrusting through the waves as the wind filled the sails: nigh on sixty men on board each ship. And the heart of every man was happy as he thought how at last, after ten weary years of battle, he would once again see Ithaca, which was his home."

Skillfully retold as clear, unencumbered narratives while retaining the dignity and excitement of Homer's original epic poems, The Iliad and The Odyssey.

The Iliad describes the last years of the war between the Trojans and the Greeks with tales of heroes, battles, quarrels, and especially of Achilles--the greatest warrior among all the Greeks. The Odyssey continues the story after the fall of Troy, as Odysseus begins his exciting journey home. His voyage to Circe's enchanted island, down to the underworld, to the land of the Sirens, and finally home to patient Penelope remains one of the best adventure stories ever told.

All of the pride, daring, love, and revenge of these two enduring tales is captured in a way that spans ages and levels of familiarity with the works. Adults will find them the perfect complement to the originals for clarification or for pure reading pleasure. Younger children will love hearing the daring adventures read aloud, and young adults will appreciate a text that does not talk down to them, but is clear, understandable, and enjoyable. 

Joan Kiddell-Monroe's exquisite black and white illustrations blend a contemporary style with the classical and add to the timeless appeal of the stories.



For readers age 11 and above.


About the Author

Barbara Leonie Picard was born in England in 1917, and lived in Sussex from the age of three, except during her schooling at St. Katharine’s School in Berkshire. She decided, while she was at school, that one day she would write—but it was not until 1945 that she made any serious attempt to do so. Then she started to write imaginative stories of the type she had enjoyed as a child, and in 1947, she had a story broadcast on Children’s Hour. This was followed by many others, some of which were afterwards published in anthologies and annuals. Her first book was published in 1949.
Besides medieval and ancient history, Miss Picard numbered among her wide interests embroidery, collecting Japanese prints and complete recordings of grand opera, archaeology, languages, mythology, comparative religion, and folk culture. She died December 15th, 2011.
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