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The Queen’s Lady by Gladys Malvern

A fast-moving and exciting tale of one of medieval history’s most turbulent times -- the events which occurred before and during the reign of Richard III. It is 1472, and Joanna, a 16 year old kitchen maid, helps a weak, troubled girl on the streets of London. When she finally reveals that she is Anne of Warwick, widow of the Prince of Wales, Joanna follows Anne from the time Anne is captured until she becomes the unhappy bride of Richard III and Queen of England. Through Joanna’s eyes, we see an exciting time, filled with court intrigue and plots, death and love. A galloping, great story told well. 


For readers age 12 and above.



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Anyone interested in the medieval history, particularly Richard III, will enjoy this story of Anne Neville, his reluctant Queen. The pop-up facts and illustrations add fun elements to a gripping story from Gladys Malvern, one of the best writers of historical fiction for teens.
— HistoricalFictionBuff